Monday, February 9, 2015

Cell phone Technology

Pam and I are going to be selling our house soon, towards that we have to collect everything and either store it, sell it or dispose of it. We elected to stage our house so we're putting a lot in storage.

Along the line we've come across multiple caches of old cell phones the 6 of us went through over the last few years. This I'm guessing is about half of what we went through in the last 8-10 years. Amazing variety, most of these with proprietary chargers.

Some of these are androids, I suspect most of them have proprietary operating systems, some of which were decent, others simply bad, none compare to the devices we have now.

One notable exception from this picture are the iPhones we switched to 3 years ago, I've gone from a iPhone 4 to a 5, so glad I made the switch. Why aren't they here? While most of this is junk, we actually sold some of the used Apple gear, others are stored away for emergency backup. I know that some of these still have value in other markets so we're donating them to a technology recycler.

I sadly don't have my first cell phone, which was a Motorola Bag phone.

At least I never had one of these, I know two people that did!

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