Parker Nichols - Father of Myrtle Nichols

Samuel Parker "Parker" Nichols was my Grandmother Myrtle Ruth (Nichols) Corkills' Father. He was an icon in Nortonville Kansas and much loved by those that knew him.

He was born March 21st 1859 in Illinois, married June 6th 1886 in Kansas, died October 20th 1942 and is buried in Nortonville. His wife's name was Anna Harriett (Donaldson) Nichols who was born June 10th 1864 in Ohio, and died February 27th in Kansas.

His father Wilby Nichols was born in November 1826 in Ireland and died April 22nd 1910 in Kansas. His mother Margaret (Moore) was born March 12th 1828 in Ireland and died October 15th 1915 in Kansas.

Wilby Nichols and Margaret (Moore) Nichols, the Parents of Parker Nichols photographed in Nortonville

Parker Nichols ready for a parade with daughters, noted on the back as "Isabel and Ruby Nichols Stewart dated late 1890 to early 1900s"

Grandpa Parker Nichols
Grandma Carrie Nichols
Aunt Claire Nichols
Eldon Corkill
Herbert Corkill
Lauretta Corkill
Myrtle Corkill
Fred Nichols
2nd Row
Ethel Nichols
Grandma N. sister
Ann Corkill
Marjorie Newman
Lois Nichols ?
Dale Nichols
(penciled date: March 21 - 1942)

Kellys note:
I would clarify this as two rows, with the back row starting far left with Parker,
and the second row starting with the teenage girl in a white dress. 
Parker Nichols
Carrie Nichols
Claire Nichols
Eldon Corkill
John Herbert Corkill
Lauretta (Trickey) Corkill
Myrtle (Nichols) Corkill
Fred Nichols
with the front row:
Unknown (Ethel Nichols?)
"Grandma N. sister"
Ann Corkill
Marjorie Newman
"Lois Nichols ?"
Dale Nichols
 Title of this photo is "Parker 1930 with Ethel Nichols"

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