David Corkill - Father of John Herbert Corkill who emigrated from the Isle of Man.

David Corkill, my Great Grandfather was born Feb 5th 1844 in Ramsey on the Isle of Man, and died June 18th 1934 in Nortonville, Ks at 90. His parents were James Corkill who was loosely reported as born around 1831 in Maughold on the Isle of Man and UNKNOWN.

(Note on 06062016 - Thanks to Cousin Lois Herbert for pointing out a discrepancy there in dates and David Corkills.
I had originally mixed a David Corkill born in 1870 with my Ancestor, now resolved. Information on that David Corkill is retained at the bottom of this page. )

My Great Grandfather David Corkills' obituary recorded his birth as in 1844 and death at 90 in 1934.
His obituary also dates his marriage to his first wife Mary Ann (Kewish) in 1865 on the IOM.
The Ellis Island records and Kansas Census show the two of them immigrating to the US in 1867, which would make him 23yo when immigrating with his wife Mary Anne and daughter.
The obituary records him as settling initially in Illinois as a Coal Miner, then relocating to Kansas as a Farmer.
After the death of Mary Ann in 1884 he returned to the Isle Of Man to marry Catherine Sayle (28 in 1881 IOM Census, living in Loughan with Jane Teare age 62 and 3 of her children). The Marriage Certificate (below) records his Father's name and Occupation as James Corkill, Shoemaker. At that time he would have been 40 and Catherine Sayle 32.
He returned and she immigrated to the USA in 1885.

The 1930 Nortonville Census shows David and Catherine living at #24 West Street in Nortonville, KS at ages 86 and 78, and lists them as emigrating in 1867 and 1885 respectively. The census duly noted that they owned a radio, the house was valued at $2,000 and both were retired.

The David Corkill Family, circa 1900 in Nortonville, KS
Back Row (left to right): William Clyde "Clyde" Corkill, Mona Jane Corkill, John Herbert Corkill, Laura Corkill, Thomas Albert "Albert" Corkill
Front Row (left to right): Ada Corkill, David Corkill, Cathryn (Sayle) Corkill, William "Al" Alfred Corkill, Ann Corkill
Per notes written by David Parker Corkill, son of John Herbert and Eldon Edwin Corkills brother.
The above and below are a scan of a scan, the originals are in the possession of Alice Corkill in Tempe, AZ.
David Corkill and family, notes written by David Parker Corkill
Back row: John Herbert Corkill (father of David Parker Corkill), Anna Corkill, Laura Corkill, Monda Corkill, Catherine (Sayle) Corkill, Ada Corkill, William Clyde Corkill.
Front row: William "Al" Alfred Corkill, David Corkill, Thomas Albert (Albert) Corkill
(Page 139)
? ? 1885, Marriage Solemnized in the Parish Church, in the Parish of Maughold In the Isle of Mann.
No: 277
When Married: January 25 1885
Name and Surname: David Corkill and Catherine Sayle
Age: full age / full age
Condition: Widower / Spinster
Rank or Profession: Farmer / ---
Residence at the time of Marriage: Kirk Maughold / Jurby
Fathers Name and Surname: James Corkill / Thomas Sayle
Rank or Profession of Father: Shoemaker / Farmer
Married in the Parish Chrch according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church (unintelligable) by H. G. White Vicar
This Marriage was solemnized between us, David Corkill / Catherine Sayle
in the Presence of us, Thomas Seare / Mary Pill(?)
I do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of an entry made in the Register Book of Marriages, in the Parish of Maughold
As witnessed my hand, this 11th day of Nov 1885. Signed H.G.White, Vicar of Maughold, Isle of Man
     11  9
1889 11-12
"These figures are in
David Corkills hand writing
+ evidently his first wife
and Ralphs ages at death"
David Corkill, a member of the A.
O.U.W. of Kansas for 48 years, 10
months, and eleven days, died at his
home in Nortonville, Kansas, on June
18th. Mr. Corkill was 90 years, 4
months and 13 days of age at the time
of his death. He joined the Order
through Nortonville lodge No. 179 Aug-
ust 7, 1885
    Besides his membership in the A.
O.U.W. of Kansas, he was a char-
ter member of the Nortonville Meth-
odist church, which he helped to
build. Up until a short time ago, he
maintained an active interest in life
being an ardent radio enthusiast and
newspaper reader, a gardener, and a
keen checker player.
    He was the oldest man in Norton-
ville, and one of the older members 
of the Order. His wife, six children,
twenty-two grandchildren and eight
great grandchildren survive him.

(penciled date of 6/18/34)
Resident of the Nortonville com-
munity since 1878, David Corkill, 90, re-
tired farmer, died at his home in Nor-
tonville yesterday afternoon after an
illness of several months. Mr. Corkill
had been in failing health for the last
year due to omplications resulting 
from his age.
    Funeral services will be held Thurs-
day afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Nor-
tonville Methodist church, of which Mr. 
Corkill was the last surviving charter 
member. He had been a member of the 
church for 54 years. Services will be
conducted by the Rev. P. B. Adell of
Manhattan, assisted by the Rev. O. W.
Tate, pastor of the Northonville church.
Burial will be in the Nortonville cem-
Mr Corkill was born at Ramsay, Isle
of Man. February 5, 1844, and lived
there until 1867 when he came to the 
United States and settled in Illinois. 
Later he moved to Kansas and settled
on a farm near Nortonville. He was 
married to Mary Ann Kewish of Ram-
say, February 12, 1865. She accom-
panied him to America. Mrs. Corkill
died May 4, 1884.
    Later Mr. Corkill returned to the
Isle of Man and married Catherine 
Sayles of Ramsay January 25, 1885,
who returned with him to America and 
Nortonville. The second Mrs. Corkill
He is also survived by a son, Alfred
Corkill of Nortonville, and a daughter,
Mrs. George Figgs of Lawrence, from 
his first marriage; three sons, Albert
Corkill, Herbert Corkill and Clyde Cor-
kill, all of Nortonville, and a daughter,
Mrs Lou Robertson of Whiting, from 
the second marriage. Twenty-two
grandchildren and eight great-grand-
children also survive. 
    Previous to coming to America Mr.
Corkill operated a coal mine on the 
Isle of Man. During his life in this 
country he farmed until his retirement.

    David Corkill was born February
5, 1844 near Ramsay, Isle of Man;
and died at his home in Nortonville,
Kansas, June 18, 1934, at the age of
90 years, 4 months and 13 days.
    He was married February 12,
1865 to Mary Ann Kewish. To this
union were born four children, Mrs.
Wm. Kneale and Mrs. Ross Trimble,
who preceded him in death. W. Al-
fred of Nortonville and Mrs. George
Figgs of Lawrence.
    In 1867, with his wife and one
baby girl he came to Illinois where
be continued his boyhood occupation
as coal miner. 
    In 1878 he came to Nortonville
with his family and settled on a 
farm south of town. Here his wife
    On January 25, 1885, he was mar-
ried at Ramsay, Isle of Man, to
Catherine Sayle, who survives him.
The children of this marriage were
T. Albert and J. Herbert, both of
Nortonville; Ralph, dying in infancy 
Mrs. Lew Robertson of Whiting and
W. Clyde of Nortonville.
    Seventeen years ago Mr. and Mrs. 
Corkill retired from farming and
moved into the house on West street 
which has since been their home. 
    Mr Corkill was the oldest man in
Nortonville, and a charter member
of the Methodist church, which he
helped to build. He also elped(sic) build
the parsonage. For many years he
taught a class in Sunday School. He
was a member of the A.O.U.W. 
    He will be remembered as a
worth citizen and a good neighbor. 
In his declining years he retained his 
interested and activities to a remark-
able degree, being a devoted Bible
student, a constant newspaper read-
ed(sic) and radio fan, an industrious gar-
dener and a keen checker player, de-
lighting to beat neighbor or grand-
child at this time-honored game. At
the age of 88 he worked in his gar-
den and was able to read a little as
recently as a month ago.
    Though retaining his interest in
modern life he could still speak the 
Manx language and recall many oc-
curences of his boyhood. 
    Besides his wife and six children
he is survived by 22 grandchildren
and eight great grandchildren.
    Funeral services were held at two
o'clock Thursday afternoon at the
Methodist church, Rev. T.B. Adell
of Manhattan officiating, assisted by
Rev. Tate. Interment was in the Nor-
tonville cemetery. 

Mary Ann Corkill
Born Jan 6 1838
Died May 4 1884
Age 46 - 3 - 38
Born Nov 12 1889
Died Oct 21 - 1890
Age 11mo 9 days
Anna Died July 27 1916
Note there was a DIFFERENT David Corkill that was born in 1870:
1881 Isle of Man Census (Lonan, F, District 1), listed as Residing at Loggan Rd, Private home:
Robert Corkill, 49, Lead Miner, Head of Household, born Isle of Man Maughold
Mary Corkill, 54, Wife, born Isle of Man Lonan
George Corkill, 20, Lead Miner, born Isle of Man Lonan
Margaret Corkill, 18, Miners Daughter, born Isle of Man Lonan
Frederick Corkill, 14, Son, Miners Son, born Isle of Man Lonan
Alice L. Corkill, 12, Daughter, Scholar, born Isle of Man Lonan
David Corkill, 10, Son, Scholar, born Isle of Man Lonan
Albert E Corkill, 8, Son, Scholar, born Isle of Man Lonan

Note: Isle of Man Baptism Index 1600-1981 shows David Corkill, Baptised June 5th 1870 in Lonan, Isle of Man with the Residence recorded as "Gretch-vooar". Parents recorded as "Robert Corkill (Miner) & Mary Corkill (nee Skillicorn)".
(Thanks to Robert Corkill of Kansas City for proofreading!)




  1. Interesting my Grandads mum is corkill - Catherine daughter of Margaret S corkill

  2. Hello. Just an FYI. My great-great-grandfather was Evan CORKILL, born 1827 in the Lezayre Parish, IOM. He was the 2nd child of John and Esther (CORKILL) CORKILL. I had found out before that John's parents were John CORKILL and Jane KINREAD. I was just reminded a few minutes ago that someone last summer found the possible parents of Esther as William CORKILL and Margaret SAYLE. I'll spend the weekend trying to learn more about Margaret SAYLE. And, I'm always interested in finding out more about the 8 younger siblings of the brothers, John and Evan CORKILL, probably born 1830's in the Lezayre Parish.

    Betty (near Lowell, MA, USA)

    (been posting queries on-line for 15 yrs.)

  3. Hi again. I forgot to say thank you for posting your pictures. Evan CORKILL married Elizabeth QUAYLE from Whitehaven, Cumberland, and they lived in Liverpool. They had 7 children, but their 2nd son died at 10. Their oldest was Edward who left Liverpool around the time his mother got ill, and went to British Columbia, Canada. In 1873, the 5, younger children were placed in the Liverpool Sheltering Homes, and went sent to Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1874. Oldest daughter, Mary, was my great-grandmother. I only have pictures of her after she married and began having her 13 children. I've corresponded with Edward for many years, and that researcher just recently obtained a picture of him.


    P.S. In Nova Scotia the sisters, Mary, Julia, and Esther all married young, and had many children. Their younger brothers arrived in N.S. at Ages 5 and 3. John married but had no children, and Robert never married.


Thanks for your comments!