Julius Caesar Trickey - my maternal Grandfather

Julius Caesar Trickey was born July 12th 1887 in Arkansas, married Alice Cain October 29th 1911 and died Jan 25th 1973 in Enid Oklahoma. His wife Alice Cain was born May 13th 1889 in Missouri and died at 103 in November 1991 in Lincoln NE. At one time in his career he worked as an Indian Agent in New Mexico, spent much of his life as a typesetter for the newspaper in Enid Oklahoma.

JC Trickey Obituary

They together had three children, Ruth Lucille (Trickey) Sparacio, Richard Paul Trickey, and Lauretta Rea (Trickey) Corkill, my mother. 

While current information is sparse, Julius's parents were Joseph  Andrew (or T) Trickey who was born July 31st, 1862 near Natchez, Mississippi, and Hannah Eveline (Carruthers or Cathers) who was born around 1865 in Kentucky.  Alice's parents were Robert E Cain who was born Jan 13 1852 in the US, and died June 6th 1922, and Luella Jane (Alexander) Cain who was born May 28th 1859 and died June 16th 1919.

Lauretta Rae Trickey

Richard Trickey

Ruth (Sparacio) Trickey

Another picture of Lauretta Rae (Trickey) Corkill
My father dabbled in Genealogy and he researched and wrote the following in the late 70s:

"Trickey - Trigg (Norwegian in origin)
Trigge - Tryggui - The Trustee, True.
A Tryggui was, of course, the father of King Olav Tryggvesson (1000) of the Sagas. The form in our 13-14th century records was Trig. The word in the second element in the name of the Norseking of Dublin, Sigtrygr, who figures in the great Nial Sagas.
(From Bardsley - English and Welsh Surnames.)

Most of the sagas treat of conditions on Iceland and of the history of the Kings of Norway."

My father also wrote that Joseph's parents (William Joseph Trickey, married to Mary Rebecca Pilkington) came from England and settled in South Carolina "at the time of the Hugenots" in the 1600s and had 12 sons.

I have a large folder of information on the Cains and the Trickeys that in time I'll add, or at least post and reconcile on proper genealogy websites.

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