Trickey Geneology documents

This PDF is a scan of a folder that my parents meticulously typed out to send to surviving members of the family to solicit feedback and info for the history of the Trickey family. Not all is guaranteed accurate, there's another upload that I believe is an update after people responded.

My parents - Eldon and Lauretta Corkill - traveled the USA and went to Europe to collect information, spending many hours in libraries and city halls and with family members.

They both passed away in the 1990s. These docs are yellowing, being now (2014) over 30 years old.

Names included:
Trickey, Triquiau, Cathers, Tanner, Pilkinton, Drewry, Cain. Locations include Arkansa, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico.

The originals are in my possession, this is intended to archive these in case of damage/loss.

The document can be downloaded from:

This next document (Red Folder) is I believe what they wrote after soliciting information, and includes some charts.

TrickeyHistory (Red Folder Scan)

The document can be downloaded directly from:

If either of those links fail or unreachable - please let me know. I can't upload a PDF directly to blogger so I'm left to put them on another web site. I do have the original scans and can email.

Thanks for looking, any comments please post.

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