Eldon Corkill Family (my father)

Eldon Edwin Corkill was my father, born June 13th 1918 in Kansas to John Herbert and Myrtle Ruth (Nichols) Corkill. After serving as a B17 Navigator in WWII he spent his career in journalism, working for several newspapers, UPI and for Vought Aeronautics in Dallas. He raised three boys to include the author.

Family picture from the late 50s', Eldon Edwin Corkill, Lauretta (Trickey) Corkill, and children Mike (Robert Michael) Corkill, John Richard Corkill and Kelly Brian Corkill in age order.

Eldon Corkill - B17 Navigator in World War II

Lauretta Rea (Trickey) Corkill
Wartime celebrations

Eldon and Lauretta

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