Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's been a long time since I've updated this blog, having watched the "Millenial" Boulder flood from afar when I got home we found that our sump pump quit after running continuously for 3 days dealing with the combined flow from the new below ground water table, and water flowing in from the outside stairwell (which flows to the basement sump pump).

Boulder County was saturated, debris on the roads, some towns (Lyons, Jamestown) completely cut off. Longmont was cut into 3 separate towns due to flooded roads. I'm not aware of our sump pump ever running before, glad it lasted as long as it did.

Net result is some of the carpet got wet. So we pulled up the carpet in the basement and removed the carpet padding to make sure all dried properly. Of course to do that we had to move all of the furniture in the 2500sf finished basement, and despite restoration crews flowing into the state from all across the nation Pam and I had to do it ourselves. Hard to complain compared to the devastation that others experienced.

One week before the flood, Pam and I purchased a condo in Cocoa Beach. More on that later but the timing certainly complicated life.

As I write this, close to two months later, there are a reported 10,000 people still unable to return to their homes, most of them from the mountains west of Boulder.  Others have elected to move to the city from the mountains due to bad or damaged roads.

End result is there are no places to rent in Boulder, and here we are with a 2500sf basement with full kitchen and private outside entrance, still in a state of disarray.

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