Tuesday, March 12, 2013

About Me

As indicated in my profile, I live in Boulder, CO with my wife and 3 daughters, an Aunt and a Doberman Pinscher.
I like to be outdoors, aspire to live on the water (despite living in beautiful Boulder) and happily spend my time with family or on one of my bikes (below).

A shot of the Flatirons in Boulder during a rare winter snow covering. As I write this the Flatirons were covered overnight, but tomorrow it's going to be 62 and 73 by Friday (3 days from now).

My 1957 MGA with two of my three daughters, one of 5 cars at the house.
My current passion, a Titanium/Carbon road bike with Dura Ace gruppo, my favorite of 4.
It's worth noting that the above frame, branded as Douglas was produced by a dealer in Colorado Springs, Colorado Cyclist. Douglas is also the name of a prominent city on the Isle of Man (though my family hails from the north end near Maughold - they likely set sail from Douglas!).
Boulder is well known as the road bike cycling center of America, with a number of Olympic and Tour (de France) riders living and growing up here. Tejay Van Garderen, Tom Danielson, Peter Stetina, Taylor Phinney, Timmy Duggan and many more live, grew up or ride in and around Boulder.
It was the second city in America (after Portland, OR) to win the League of American Bicyclists Platinum level award for being Bicycle Friendly.
On any given day, year round you're likely to have to deal with a Peloton on the roads in and out of Boulder.
Fantastic to see. The only bad thing about that is that no matter how well you think you're doing 30 miles into a century ride, you can expect to get blown away by someone older than you!


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